About all this…

Salutations! I am the writer of the things on this website. My music-related work also appears in various other places, notably Zero Tolerance Magazine, Spectrum Culture, Echoes and Dust and Record Collector Magazine, but if it’s the sort of thing no-one else is likely to want, or something that I feel strongly about but don’t know what to do with, it will end up here.

Notes on what to expect:
You may find much of what is written here annoyingly long-winded; it’s probably no consolation to know that that is a deliberate stylistic choice, but it is. Typos etc are not though. I do go through things and fix them every now and then, but I’m sure many errors are still lurking here: OOPS.

Less trivially, I mean for my writing to be as inclusive as possible; I am fully welcoming of readers of whatever gender or lack thereof, whatever cultural or ethnic background. You will, however find a fair amount of binary thinking and western European bias in these articles, partly through laziness and ignorance (especially the Western bias part) but also partly as a deliberate and simple choice. That’s because (in my opinion) if you keep on making pigeonholes and adding letters to the acronym beginning LG…, whether in the name of inclusivity, bigotry or just disinterested “classification” you can eventually design one for everybody, probably; but ultimately all you are doing is finding a new way of saying what most of us have been told since childhood; that we are all individuals, as unique as snowflakes, if not always as graceful.

As with snowflakes, determining the actual truth of that apparent fact is not worth the trouble; maybe there are really a finite number of snowflake designs, say a billion, but each one examined has so far been unique. Or imagine that this or that person is an exact reproduction or reincarnation of another person* – what actual difference does that make to how we feel, either about snowflakes or people? We know, or think we know, that we are the only person thinking our thoughts at any given time, and that seems a thought worth trusting, for pragmatic reasons if nothing else.

* an intriguing thought, that – because even if it was true at the moment of birth, how true could it be after being raised in different circumstances, or a different era, or even simultaneously, in the house next door, by different, or even identical parents? And so on, and so forth, forever…

And that is the thought that lies behind all of these articles – that you, the reader, whatever your sexual orientation, gender or cultural background may be, are the only you, just as I am (I think and hope) the only me. And the relationship between us is one of mutual respect, unless you’re some kind of bigot or Nazi, in which case you probably won’t like half of what I write anyway.

ANYWAY – Have a look! Browse at your leisure! Read! And enjoy*, of course

*where applicable